our dreams of growing old together

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I am learning
to love myself
It took me years
and heart break
to realize
I am all I have.
You stopped choosing me. The end.
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I’ve finally realized the difference between loving someone and missing someone. When I loved you, you were the world, your laugh was the only thing that stopped me from shattering and the way you kissed me could stop my heart. I do not love you anymore. But I do miss you. I finally see that there are so many wonderful things in the world, I just wish you were still in mine. I haven’t heard your laugh in a few months and that’s okay, I’ve found other ways to hold myself together, but sometimes it plays in my head and I ache for the way it made me smile. I don’t want to kiss you anymore but on nights when loneliness hits the wall and plunges into my chest, the absence of your lips on mine makes me feel sick. I don’t love you. But I really really miss you.
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If I delete your number, you’re basically deleted from my life.

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